Shop for all your LEGRAND UPS needs with confidence ,We have a wide range of  LEGRAND UPS  (Uninterruptible Power Supply System) starting from Power Saving 550VA LEGRAND UPS Pro, 700VA LEGRAND UPS , 1  KVA ,2 KVA , 3KVA LEGRAND UPS up to 10 KVA,15 KVA,20 KVA,30 KVA . All types of LEGRAND UPS which includes Standby UPS, Back up UPS , Legrand Line Interactive , LEGRAND Smart-UPS ,LEGRAND Double Conversion On-Line  LEGRAND UPS , LEGRAND Smart On-Line UPS & offline LEGRAND UPS. Great selections of Watt and Volt-Amp (VA) measures for LEGRAND UPS load sizing :  1KVA LEGRAND UPS,1400VA LEGRAND UPS, 2200 VA LEGRAND UPS,2KVA LEGRAND UPS , 3KVA LEGRAND UPS, 6 KVA,8KVA,15KVA,30KVA

Add external UPS battery packs to increase runtime. Replace Old LEGRAND UPS Batteries with new UPS Battery include installation, repair & services with professional hands. We provide professional Maintenance and servicing for LEGRAND UPS at your site or our UPS repair shops & stores including Battery checks; UPS Function checks on the complete system maintenance; UPS fix and repair. We provide Preventive Maintenance and Maintenance contracts for All LEGRAND UPS.


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