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Moon DVR PCI 4ch

Moon DVR Pci 4ch دي في ار على الكمبيوترPCI
Manufacturer: MOON مون
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Moon DVR PCI        4  -  8  -  16  ch


Windows XP / Vista  / 7 PRO (recommended)


Multi-channel PAL/NTSC video input


Support secondary display device


4/8/16 channelopen and closed optionalalarm inputcan be extended to 32 channel


4/8/16 channelopen and closed optionalalarm outputcan be extended to 32 channel




352*288dpi (PAL)352*240dpi (NTSC)

Display Mode

Real time display, one-picture display/four- picture display/six-picture display/eight-picture display/nine-picture display/ten-picture display/twelve-picture display/sixteen-picture display/twenty-picture display/twenty-five-picture display/sixty-two-picture display/full screen display, Locking, security and picture switching function

Image Information

Camera name, date/time, video and alarm status, confidential covered area

Time Indicator

Display current time and position adjustable) :X(0—180),Y(0—270),save them in the video images. Adjustable time display brightness and transparency

Camera Name

Display camera name and position adjustable) :X(0—180),Y(0—270),save them in the video images. Adjustable time display brightness and transparency


Two size of shielding area:128*64 and 64*32; save position(adjustable(0—220),Y(0-220) in the video images; adjustable shielding background color

Record Mode

Continuous record, scheduled record, alarm linkage record, detection record, hard disk overwrite record, auto record when power on

Video Quality

Set the image quality to be best, better, normal, bad or worst



Video Medium

Hard disk with capacity unlimited

Retrieval playback

Retrieval and display according to the time; playback many pictures in one screen, playback by frame, quick playback, slow playback, single screen amplification, partial enlargement, single image saving, remote playback


Backup to other hard disk or CD, DVD

PTZ Control

With RS - 232 terminals connect to the decoder by 485 communication to control the PTZ

Dynamic perception

99 perceptual area and 9 sensitivity levels for the user to set; adjustable record time, support scheduled record

Alarm mode

Glass broken alarm, infrared alarm, vibration alarm, signal loss alarm, alarm signal upload, linkage alarm and multiple output , alarm continuous record and output time adjustable


Alarm automatically pop-up e-map, 36 alarm area can be arbitrarily set

Upload mode

Help signal upload, open signal upload, alarm event upload

Remote network connection



Real-time monitoring, remote playback, remote record, remote PTZ control, remote video regulation

Remote alarm

Image reminder and sound alarm

Remote control

Remote control air conditioning, entrance, lobby lamp, advertisement lamp, remote shutdown and restart the outlet server

system protection

Multilevel password management to realize unattended operation: power off shutdown can save all record files; restart and recover to record status when power on; auto restart when the system closed

Seamless connection

Replace video files with seamless connection technology, to ensure the video quality

هذا المنتج متوفر لدى :  العالمية للمعلوماتية  ,  جوردن كمبيوترز مول   ( جوكومول )

لمزيد من المعلومات الاتصال على : 0772390160   -   0797641313


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