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Adobe Muse CC

Adobe Muse CC is focused on allowing designers to create websites without having to write any code .
Manufacturer: Adobe Systems
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Usability and performance improvements

Work with content-rich sites more easily. Common workflows and everyday design tasks — from planning and designing to previewing and publishing — are now smoother and more intuitive thanks to dozens of user-requested enhancements. Updates include faster performance with page editing and loading, image rendering, and more.



Show and hide frame edges


The objects and text frames you place on your design canvas now have a light-colored outline to make them more visible if a stroke or fill hasn’t been applied. The outline can easily be turned off and won’t appear when you preview or publish the site.



Arrange your pages with an easy-to-use sitemap that allows you to set up and change site structure quickly. Drag and drop, name, and resize your thumbnails.

Master pages

Define and control elements that are common across multiple pages such as headers, footers, logos, and navigation. Simply add them to your master page layouts.

Sitewide properties

Define layout basics that are automatically applied throughout the site, including page widths and margins, alignments, and hyperlink colors.

Familiar Adobe tools

Work quickly with familiar commands like Paste in Place and Edit Original. Find familiar tools in Adobe Muse like the Eyedropper and familiar features like Smart Guides.


Auto-generated navigation

Drag and drop fully customizable navigation menus that automatically reflect the pages named in your sitemap.

Web font choices

Choose from hundreds of web fonts served by the Adobe Typekit service, plus Web safe fonts, and System fonts, all available directly from the Font menu.

Dynamic page resizing

Enjoy automatic page length adjustment. Adobe Muse layouts resize in height as you work, no matter how much content you add to your page.

Image optimization

Know that your images will look great and load perfectly for the web. Adobe Muse automatically optimizes PSD and PNG files when you publish.

Roundtrip editing

Edit images with Adobe Photoshop or Fireworks, using Edit Original. Your changes will be automatically reflected in your layout when you save.


Text paragraph and styles

Create and format text, saving text tyles just as you would in Adobe InDesign. Styles are preserved in CSS, which is automatically generated sitewide.



Fill your background with a single image, repeating images, or any fill you choose – optimized for the best page-load performance.

Pin persistent objects

Easily pin an object to any spot you choose so that it always displays in that location, even when you scroll up or down the page.


Headers and footers

Assign header and footer areas that repeat on every page. Footers will automatically shift to the bottom of the page no matter how long the page is.

Flexible width

Control the appearance of your site in the browser window. Set elements to display at 100% browser width so that your design automatically adapts to the size of the window.


Asset management

Keep track of all image assets associated with your site using the Assets panel, which includes the option to relink your images.


Page preview

Preview your design in Adobe Muse or in your favorite browser to check how the site is shaping up, and test how your interactivity is behaving before going live.

Defined object states

Easily define up, over, down, and normal states for any object on the canvas. Create buttons by applying states to individual Adobe Photoshop layers.

Embedded HTML

Add Google maps, YouTube and Vimeo videos, Facebook and Twitter feeds, and more. Simply drag and drop from the Widgets Library, or copy the source code onto the Adobe Muse canvas.


Anchor links

Quickly create anchor links that take visitors to a specific location in the middle of a page or design.

Slide shows

Drag and drop a fully customizable slideshow widget for an easy eye-catching way to display a series of images.


Tabbed and Accordion panels

Organize lengthy information in visually appealing, bit-sized chunks by using fully customizable tabbed or accordion panels.



Create an overlay that brings special focus to an image, video, or other content by having it appear in a layer on top of your page.


Triggers and targets

Define hotspots or triggers that display additional content when a user clicks or rolls over the area.


Trial sites for testing

Create a trial site for preview, hosted with Adobe, so that you can test it in the real world. You can send URLs to site owners, such as clients, for review before going live.


Adobe hosting

Publish and manage your sites with Adobe hosting. Quickly convert trial sites to live sites without having to move files. Plus, monitor your live sites with dashboard reporting.

Browser compatibility

Adobe Muse creates code that is cross-browser compatible so your layouts look great in all major browsers. Focus on design without worrying about the browser.


Option to export your site

Host your site with a provider of your choice. Go live by simply exporting your Adobe Muse site and using FTP to upload files to any provider.


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