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Shop with confidence variety of Dell products at the best prices in Jordan, find at Jordan Computers Mall desktop section the largest selection of computers of different categories and for various uses for games, design, office work and home uses. You can find the Optiplex 3030, the Optiplex 3070 and the Inspiron desktop. You also find Alienware Gaming PCs and XPS Desktops with various processors and specifications to suit all office or home work or for design and gaming purposes. Or choose from a variety of Dell all-in-one PCs from several options with touch screen or Dell IPS screens. Choose from the screens section what suits you from a variety of Dell monitors and Alienware monitors from 18 inches to 27 inches and Dell Curved 4K & 8K UHD monitors with a real warranty of up to three years, and the warranty of the Dell agent in Jordan.
The Dell laptop section in the Jordan Computer Mall offers the largest selection of Dell laptops under the guarantee of the Dell agent in Jordan. Shop from Dell Inspiron Laptop or Dell Vistro Laptop with processors Corei 3 or Core i5, Core i7 and Core i9, with various storage capacities. Shop with confidence from Dell 2-in-1 Laptops and Dell Latitude for businessmen and companies, or from the Dell G Series Gaming Laptops category. You also find Alienware Gaming Laptops and Dell XPS Laptops at a competitive price. In the Laptop Spare Parts section, you will find all the necessary spare parts for a Dell laptop: Dell laptop battery, Dell laptop charger, motherboard and graphics card, RAM and hard disk, Dell laptop keyboard and screen. In the laptop accessories section, you will find a variety of Dell bags for women and men, as well as original Dell handbags and bags for handbags or backpacks. You also find headphones and Headset Dell. Dell mouse and keyboard.
In the server and hip station section in the Jordan computer market, Dell servers are available with standard specifications to suit all businesses and commercial companies, and can be modified according to demand. Our expert staff helps you choose the Servers, Storage & Network Solutions device that suits your needs. Whether you are looking for Rack Servers, Tower Servers or Modular Infrastructure from Dell, you will find it with us with the best and warranty Dell agent in Jordan. You also find Ramat servers Dell. Dell server hard disks and network cards for server devices to develop the server device.
Dell maintenance and repair
Maintenance and repair of Dell laptops, computers and Dell servers in the hands of trusted technicians who are familiar with and experience the malfunctions and problems of Dell devices. For all Dell products, where you will find in the Laptop Spare Parts section what you need from Dell laptop parts, such as Dell chargers and batteries, Dell laptop screens from 10 to 19 inches.

Other sections of the Jordan computer market have a variety of Dell monitors PC Accessories Replacement Parts Dell Docking Stations Dell Keyboards & Mice Dell Storage Carrying Cases Dell Headphones and mice Dell Audio Server Accessories Webcams Dell Cables & Adapters Dell Security & Protection Shop with confidence and security and enjoy the best Warranty and lowest prices with after-sales support and delivery services in Jordan.

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Dell 65WH MR90Y Original Battery

In Stock
Original Dell 6-Cell 11.1V 65Wh High Performance MR90Y laptop battery for  for Dell Inspiron, 65WH MR90Y Battery for Dell Inspiron 14-3421 14-3437 14-3443 14R-3421 15-3537 15-3521 15-3542 15R-5521 15R-5537, Latitude 3440 3540
€77.00 €61.60